Ruthless Sales


“Discover Instantly How To Triple Your Customer Base and Generate Obscene Profits For Any Business, In Any Industry, Anywhere In The World”

If you are a small business owner, or if you sell for a living, then follow along because you are going to learn real world, street smart, proven sales and marketing strategies that can be applied to ANY business  that will allow you to generate, negotiate and CLOSE more SALES in the next 30 days than you have in past year… the very same sales  process and marketing strategies I used to close deals from $1K to more than $100 million. Interested? Thought so.

IMAGINE If You Could…
  • Learn how to INCREASE your customer base without cold calling and begging… because COLD CALLING SUCKS
  • Learn the Power of Reverse Marketing and have customers come to you rather then you go to them
  • Learn how to “Pick and Choose” your clients and ensure they are CONTENDERS and not Pretenders
  • INCREASE your closing ratio by 50% in less than 90 minutes
  • Eliminate the phrase “I Need To Think About It” FOREVER. This technique alone allowed one of my auto dealer clients to increase sales $250,000 in one month! Please, PLEASE, keep this technique to yourself
  • Uncover your prospects “Hot Buttons” in less 15 minutes in order to set them up for a successful CLOSE
  • Set your marketing on Auto-Pilot so you can generate MASSIVE leads 24/7, 365 Days a year. Seriously; how would like to get up EVERY morning and have your voicemail tell you “You Have 250 new messages” and you KNEW they were hot prospects. How powerful and life changing would that be?
  • Overcome ANY sales objection in less than 4 seconds with my Wall of Invincibility Technique. This technique and this technique alone helped an MLM superstar become a national leader in his company in under 28 days and this technique is worth 10 times the cost of this program.
Once You Read The Ruthless Entrepreneur System, YOU WILL Be Able To!

The Ruthless Entrepreneur System By Mark McClure, Over 220 Pages E Book, in Automatic Download

Talk Is Cheap… Unless It Comes From One Of My Students

Troy Mackey“Before reading Mark’s manual, we were selling 85 cars per month and after applying his system, we sold more than 210 cars three months in a row! You follow his system, you WILL make money. You DON’T follow his system, you won’t!”

TROY MACKEY, Chicago IL – Toyota Dealership

Alvin Tan“I saw Mark’s SOLD OUT event in Singapore and when I left I immediately put his techniques into action. His one-of-a-kind strategies on marketing and handling customer objections proved to be HUGE, as I closed 4 deals worth a total of $28,000 in commissions to me personally, 3 weeks thereafter! He is far and away one of the top experts when it comes to making money as an entrepreneur. The $295 ticket price turned into $28,000 plus. Amazing deal!”

ALVIN TAN, SEO Consultant, Singapore

Sterling Whitley“…INCREDIBLE! One of Mark’s techniques allowed me to close an additional 5 figures in NEW business after I finished his book. Five figures… REAL MONEY! Five figures in new business in less than two weeks. I am going to say it again… five figures!”


I will let some of my clients speak about my System

Terressa Nordstrom

“Dear Mr. McClure, I just wanted to let you know that I believe you have written the best book I have ever read on business and sales in particular. I did not come from a background in sales and the knowledge you have given me, in one book, has raised me to be top in my game. The Ruthless Entrepreneur is a MUST read for anyone in business!”


Troy Landwehr“As someone who has been in sales 18 years I have studied Brian Tracy, Tom Hopkins, Zig Ziglar, and all the other usual suspects; and Mark McClure’s Ruthless Entrepreneur System is the first one I ever read that gave information from a “street smart” perspective. WOW! He literally spills his guts and brings you into his head on how he was able outsell his competition for so many years. AWESOME READING and information most sales pros have never seen before. If I bought it for $250 it would still have been a bargain.”

TROY LANDWEHR, Portland ME – AFLAC Insurance 

Clayton RackleyI generated $120,000 in revenue over a 90 day period after I implemented Mark McClure’s advice on direct mail marketing. Finally a book on sales and marketing from someone that has actually SOLD for living rather than all the wannabe’s.”

CLAYTON RACKLEY, Atlanta GA – Shadow Enterprises, Roofing Broker

That can be you!

If you are serious about increasing your sales and making more money in your business, I am sure you already attended several seminars and bought several books about sales and marketing produced by people who have NEVER sold or succeeded in the REAL WORLD. And you are probably wondering “WHY should I believe that The Ruthless Entrepreneur System is different?” I’ll tell you WHY…

99.5% Of The Sales And Marketing “Secrets” On The Internet Are an Absolute JOKE, Written By People Who Have NEVER Succeeded In The Real World

You know it. I know it. The people that produce it know it! Yet these hacks and “guru wannabes” continue to produce these websites with “Get Rich Quick”, “Make Money Now”, “Sales and Marketing Techniques,” “How To Sell,” blah, blah, blah E-books, coaching, CDs/DVDs, seminars, etc., and these jokers have never, EVER, done squat in the real world. They “Teach Because They Cannot Do”, which pretty much describes almost EVERY sales trainer, guru and marketing “expert” on Earth.

Look, if they were any good, they would be out in the real world putting their “expertise” into action. Instead, they teach because they haven’t got the “cohonos” to compete. Well… My system is a totally different animal, because I will teach you Real Sales Techniques and Marketing Strategies that WORK in the REAL world! I know because I used them and I STILL DO! And all over the world, many students that have attended my seminars have used them too. And I have my email box full of testimonials that agree.

In My 220+ Page Ruthless Entrepreneur System I Teach You The SECRETS Of The 4 Components Of The Sales Cycle… Master This And You Master What It Takes To Become A Millionaire Entrepreneur!
  • The “10 Most Powerful Prospecting & Marketing Techniques on Earth”, and I mean that. Absolutely lethal AND effective.
  • How to UNCOVER your prospects hidden hot buttons, desires and needs; through my 4 Cs Approach and to set them up perfectly for THE CLOSE.
  • How to Overcome Objections in ANY Market, in ANY Industry, in ANY Economy… The single most powerful segment of my book and the blueprint for millionaire success! This segment ALONE will be worth the cost of this book times 1,000!
  • The 16 Most Powerful Closing Techniques on Earth… enough said! Well maybe a little more… The very same techniques that allowed me to negotiate and close deals from $10K to over $100 million.
Easy, Easy, Easy To Implement

While The Ruthless Entrepreneur System is a powerful blueprint for sales and marketing success for ANYONE that owns their own business of sells for a living, it is easy as hell to follow and I will hold your hand every step of the way to ensure you obtain MAXIMUM RESULTS!

This Is The Blue Pill of Marketing, The Sales VIAGRA

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not telling you that you will read The Ruthless Entrepreneur and you’ll become a millionaire overnight. Please realize that SUCCESSFUL SELLING of any product or service is a long process; from prospecting and marketing, to identifying the client’s needs, to overcoming objections, to closing the sale, and even if this book covers the full process, it will take some time for you to really perfect my System but when you do? WATCH OUT! Your income, bank account and look on life will NEVER BE THE SAME!

As a salesperson and entrepreneur you should always be studying your craft; how to prospect and market your product or service, get leads, set appointments, uncover your client’s hidden needs and hot buttons, handle objections, close the same, etc. Michael Jordan is a perfect example. Someone asked him why he was so good and his answer was priceless he stated;

Basketball is how I make my living. I get PAID to play; therefore I need to practice every single day. Because if you are not getting better, you are getting worse; you are never standing still.”
Basketball Legend, MICHAEL JORDAN (Who I proudly shared the stage with at an event 15 years ago)

Sales and marketing is how YOU MAKE YOUR LIVING, and The Ruthless Entrepreneur System is how you will take your income to the next level. If you are not getting BETTER you are getting worse… you are NEVER STANDING STILL. You are on the right track by purchasing this powerful system and I can assure you that if you practice and follow what I have to say and lay out for you, you WILL (not should…WILL) double or even triple your closing rate and thus double or even triple your income in the next 30 days.

Don’t believe me, read below


“I own and operate a real estate office in Massachusetts and sent my entire team to see Mark live in Boston. Well, afterwards, they ALL bought his manual, applied it and we are now far and away the number one office in our town. One new agent sold 3 homes in his first 45 days, simply by generating the enormous amount of leads using just ONE of Mark’s prospecting techniques”

JOSE CHAVES, Boston, MA – MoneyOne Realty 

“I saw Mark’s event in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and I can tell you I was very apprehensive of American sales and marketing tactics. But after his seminar, I applied one of his publicity strategies and I was able to gain 3 new accounts in Bahrain and Qatar that added $3 million in gross revenue to my business. This would NOT have been accomplished without this technique. He is as good as everyone says he is!”

YASSAR MAHMOUD, Damman, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 

“After seeing Mark LIVE in D.C. I put his system into action and immediately closed on a first round of funding of $300,000 and got a commitment for another $1 million the following week! His prospecting strategies got me in doors I NEVER thought were possible. Whatever the cost of his program? Pay it. You will NOT regret it.”


Here’s A Snapshot At What You Will Uncover From My 20+ Years Of Selling From A “Street Smart” Perspective and The Foundation Of The Ruthless Entrepreneur System
  • HOW TO OVERCOME “I NEED TO THINK ABOUT IT“, with the APQSA Approach. This, and this ALONE, will be worth the price of this book 100 times over! Learn the very same strategy that I have perfected to overcome the one objection that sinks 99% of the salespeople in your field. Once you learn THIS technique, you will have a CLOSING TOOL none of your competitors possess.
  • HOT BUTTON ANALYSIS: People buy based on what excites THEM, not what excites you, and with my 4 C’s approach I am going to teach you the process of how to “break the ice” with a prospect, uncover their hot buttons and hidden needs through precision questioning that will then allow you to customize a sales presentation that will increase your closing potential by 75%. I learned this in 1993 and my entrepreneurial life (and income) changed forever.
  • The 16 MOST POWERFUL CLOSING TECHNIQUES ON EARTH. Learn the very same techniques I used to close deals from $10K to over $100 million on 4 separate continents with every day business owners to major FORTUNE 500 executives and international entrepreneurs. I could very sell this component of my book for $1,000 and I am willing to bet that companies would GLADLY pay for it. I am giving these hard earned secrets to you for a FRACTION of their worth… Information that will blow the doors off your business!
  • HOW TO SET AN APPOINTMENT WITH ANYONE (and I mean ANYONE!)… And Never Deal with “The Gatekeeper” ever again. There is one reason I have been able to negotiate and close deals with the “big boys”; because I don’t waste my time on “gatekeepers” and “secretaries” who are a barrier to people I want to conduct business with. I ONLY deal with the decision makers. How? I use my patented; PROVEN Letter Approach Strategy and once you master this…you will be in front of decision makers that have the ability to say YES.
  • HOW TO SET AN APPOINTMENT IN UNDER 60 SECONDS… with a COMPLETE STRANGER with my “Elevator Pitch” technique.
  • Why EMOTION and LOGIC are the only reasons people buy and how to fuse the two together effectively every time, whether you are selling FACE TO FACE or utilizing advertising. Mastering this is what makes MILLIONAIRES and I will show you how to do so.
  • Why DISCOUNTING your product or service is a HUGE mistake. You want to be like every “Tom, Dick and Harry” fine. Not me. I am going to show you how AVOID discounting your product/service… and CHARGE MORE THAN YOUR COMPETITOR!
  • COLD CALLING IS FOR LOSERS! Period! You are going to learn how to set up your ad copy (newspaper, business card, websites, etc.) and marketing messages in such a way that cold calling for prospects will become obsolete. Prospects will seek you out and you will have mechanisms in place that will separate the “Contenders” from the “Pretenders”.
  • ONE SIMPLE STATEMENT that is guaranteed to make prospects call YOU instead of the competition when it’s time to buy. ABSOLUTELY LETHAL AND UNFAIR… but this is The Ruthless Entrepreneur System and if you’re afraid of hurting your competitors feelings this system isn’t for you.
  • HOW TO OVERCOME THE THREE MOST DIFFICULT OBJECTIONS! I will take you step-by-step through the three most difficult objections, then show you how to quickly and effectively answer them so confidently, that closing the sale will be a foregone conclusion. This is an absolute MUST!

A little bit about me and how I was in YOUR Shoes When I started my Entrepreneurial Career

At age 22, I KNEW I wanted to make a ton of money, I KNEW that I would, I just didn’t know in what. I also knew that I wasn’t going to work for anyone else. I wanted to control my own destiny, control my own income and sink or swim based on my performance, not what an employer thought they should pay me. I was going to be an entrepreneurMark McClure, The Ruthless Entrepreneur

At the time I made this life changing decision I was working as a personal trainer for the local Gold’s Gym making a whopping $10 per hour going to college full-time and finishing out my Marine Corps duties in Maine (yes, I am a Jarhead!). During those years, I remember sitting in the university library pouring over the bios of successful entrepreneurs and business legends and trying to understand the blue print on what made THEM successful. I remember reading EVERY Forbes Magazine in the library and becoming fascinated at the Forbes 400… the 400 Richest People in America. I vowed that SOMEDAY I would grace that list and this only motivated me harder.

I finally began my entrepreneurial career at the age of 25 with drive, vision and only $2,500 to my name, funds I was able to get as a cash advance on my credit card. My goal was somehow to acquire business and real estate entities for the purpose of restructure and profit recapture and turn them around with hard work, and good old sales and marketing ideas. Well, right out of the gate I was able to turn his meager investment into assets that exceeded $1MM and a company with revenues of over $1.5MM and a staff of over 30, all within 24 months. I was excited at the results and my colleagues and friends amazed and dumbfounded… but I wasn’t it. I had simply put myself in the shoes of those I was trying to sell to (my target audience) and devised sales and marketing strategies around that using my 4 C’s Approach.

It didn’t stop there. At the age of 28 and not content to sit idle, I saw the need for a minor league professional basketball team to complement the already successful minor league hockey and baseball teams in the city of Portland, Maine where I lived. I was young and lacked the funds relative to the size of the deal but that did NOT stop me! I was able to form a syndicate with an array of investors who believed in me, the project and my desire to make it a winner and I purchased the franchise, becoming the youngest owner in pro sports history as a majority owner of the Portland Mountain Cats of the USBL. At 28 years of age I owned a professional sports franchise and not more than 6 years earlier I was making $10 an hour working as a personal trainer (and sweeping floors at Gold’s Gym!)

Upon selling the franchise, I moved onto large real estate development and investment banking projects internationally, negotiating and/or closing deals that ranged from $10K to over $100 million in over 30 industries on 4 continents with such individuals as CEOs, NBA agents, high powered attorneys, FORTUNE 500 executives and various other business owners on every level. I wasn’t learning from any sales , marketing or negotiation books I was learning ON THE STREET on exactly what works, what didn’t and why. The more I learned and perfected, the stronger my Ruthless Entrepreneur System became. I was learning how to get appointments with major CEOs and investors; how to read people and separate the contenders from the pretenders; how to write ad copy and marketing pieces that generated auto-pilot results; how get clients to seek ME out rather than me seek THEM out; then how to overcome their objections but more importantly CLOSE SALES! My Ruthless Entrepreneur System was working for me REGARDLESS of what business I was in. It didn’t matter… the System and Principles apply to anyone that own their own business or sell for a living.

The Ruthless Entrepreneur E-Book, in Instant DownloadDue to the success of my Ruthless Entrepreneur System topics, companies and promoters asked me to speak all over the globe. I have had the pleasure of training more than two hundred of the FORTUNE 500, conducted over 4,000 training workshops for companies of various sizes, and spoken to SOLD OUT audiences in North America, South America, Europe, Asia and even including the Middle East. In addition I have been featured on CNBC, Fox News, USA Network and numerous other media outlets too numerous to mention; and have shared the stage and speaking docket with ROBERT KIYOSAKI, BRIAN TRACY, MICHAEL JORDAN, TOM PETERS and many, many others. I now consult to only a HANDFUL of special clients and occasionally will do a Boot Camp here in there but my main focus is “doing and producing”! I not only talk the talk I walk the walk and follow my own advice and continue to pursue entrepreneurial ventures, produce film and TV shows and take roles and positions in business deals from all sectors and walks of life… because THAT IS WHAT I DO… the others “teach because they cannot do”, I do because THAT is where the money and fun is and I am sure you will agree.

I have laid out my sales and marketing battle plan of success for you in my Ruthless Entrepreneur Manual. Test drive it, try it out and if my advice does not BLOW THE DOORS of your current sales numbers, simply email us back and get a NO QUESTIONS ASKED REFUND. I am that confident!


To read my full BIO, Click HERE

Since A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words, Here Are Snapshots Of Just Some Of My SOLD OUT Ruthless Entrepreneur Events That Spanned The Globe!
Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Boston, Bangkok, Dallas, Chicago

Mark McClure Seminars around the world



OOPS!!   I Almost Forgot!
Here Is A Sampling Of Past And Current Clients Who Wanted To Train Their Sales Professionals In The Ruthless Entrepreneur System

Mark McClure's Sample of Clients


What HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEURS say about me and my programs:
Ken Spohn

“I saw Mark speak in Phoenix a few years ago, as part of a seminar series, and I remember is when he started talking, I didn’t stop taking notes until he said his last sentence. Amazing, outside the box marketing information I immediately applied to my online business…”

KEN SPOHN, Investors Classifieds Owner,

Ralph Simpson

“I came to this country in 1986 from the U.K. with the clothes on my back and $1,500 in my pocket, and am now  Chairman of a $100 million publicly traded company with over 5,000 agents. I worked hard to get where I am today and am not easily impressed. After hearing Mark speak at one of my events and seeing my agents get in line 200 people deep to buy his book, I was impressed. Not only at the information he gave my people at the seminar, but how the attendees appreciated his marketing ideas as well. He is the real deal

RALPH SIMPSON, Unique Underwriters’s Chairman & Founder,

Brian Moses

“I currently work closely with Anthony Robbins and Chet Holmes in a business venture, have been involved with Craig Proctor for many years as his #1 speaker and trainer and as a real estate agent I was ranked Top 10 in World for Coldwell Banker. I consider myself a top performer and only work with top performers, and when it comes to marketing Mark McClure is at that elite level with myself, Anthony Robbins, Dan Kennedy, Chet Holmes, Craig Proctor, Jay Abraham and only a handful of others. Just one of his ideas could make you millions! Whatever the cost of his program buy it, it will pay you back many, many times over”

BRIAN MOSES, Real Estate Guru, 



You are an Entrepreneur and The Ruthless Entrepreneur System WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE, REGARDLESS of what it is you sell. It works for everyone who follows the system. I don’t care if you are a seasoned veteran who has been in business for 25+ years or a newbie just getting their feet wet, keep an open mind, keep the faith, stay motivated and take action today because you have NEVER had an opportunity like RIGHT NOW to learn information that will transform your business and your life… Information that I learned on the street and allowed me (and my tens of thousands of seminar attendees who paid BIG $$$$) to gain clients, close deals and crush the competition on a regular basis.

Now, you are probably saying to yourself:
“WOW! This Is A LOT Of Information… How Much Does It Cost?!”

And that should be expected. Because in my seminars, when I talk about some of my products, I see people’s eyes light up, get real big and they lean forward in their chair to hear more about what I have to offer. They become entranced. They become mesmerized. They become speechless.

You see, I am not like all the rest and neither are my tips, techniques and strategies. This is NOT Selling 101, but literally information and secrets I have learned on the street through extensive, extensive, extensive trial and error through business deals and negotiations I have conducted all over the world but more than that, sales, marketing and promotional strategies I had to utilize for my business ventures that got me the biggest bang for the buck… strategies that almost YOU could use in YOUR business with maximum effectiveness on a shoestring budget.

To learn my Ruthless Entrepreneur System at one of my seminars either in the United States or overseas you would pay anywhere from $259 for 4 hours all the way up to $2,000 for a full day event. And you know what? IT WOULD BE WORTH EVERY FREAKING PENNY!

The Ruthless Entrepreneur System: Here on this site I am offering you my COMPLETE Ruthless Entrepreneur System, Packed into 220+ Pages That is IMMEDIATELY available to you via download, for ONLY $37! Literally, for the cost of a dinner for two I am handing you the blue print of How I did deals from $100 to over $100 million, starting with nothing but a credit card as a working capital!


And STILL, some people will not buy the system not even at a ridiculous low price that we are selling it in this website… and do you know WHY?

Do you know what’s the difference between The Rich and The Poor?

Anthony Robbins once told a friend of mine (who works with Tony directly) what he felt were the differences between a POOR PERSON and a RICH PERSON. He characterized like this:

The Poor Person asks: “How much does this COST? Can I afford it?”

The Rich Person asks: “What is this WORTH to me?

You see, the poor person is always looking at the smaller picture, how can they “get by this week”, and what will they have left when the week is over. And once they hit that target of what they need to survive… to get by… they are content and drain the resources they have until they are in need again. They will never be rich and they will never be top performers and believe me, they would never invest in themselves or the silver platter I just presented to you above.

However, the Top 10% in your industry, the “rich” if you will, are going to jump at this offer because they will gladly trade $37 for $100,000+ in an income jump THIS YEAR! They see the value, they see the outcome and they see the ROI… The question is: do you?! What question are you asking yourself right now? Are you the poor person or the rich one? Only YOU can answer that…


But that is not all, you will ALSO GET:

Marketing Templates FREE Bonus

The name says it all; “Ruthless Marketing Ad Copy Silver Platter Templates“. I literally took the best of the best of my ad copy and business card templates and hand them to you on a “silver platter”. No thinking… no guessing… just templates and ideas that you can use as fodder to create your own magnetic, effective, profitable marketing pieces and business cards. Remember…

“It Is About The Message NOT The Image!

And with these powerful ad templates you will be able to take what I have produced for my clients and attendees on 4 continents (private clients that paid me anywhere from $2,500 to $10,000 a month) and massage them for your own sales and marketing campaigns. You see? Potential clients do NOT care about your logo, picture or cute slogans they care about THE MESSAGE… what is in it for them! Your prospects’ favorite radio station in “WIFM”, “What’s In It For Me?” and if your marketing material doesn’t tune in to their station (needs), you will LOSE THEM. With my Silver Platter Templates, the hard work is done and will get your creative juices flowing. Simply look at how I wrote the ads, get a grasp of the format and watch your marketing generate an ROI for invested advertising dollars that will be through the roof. This SAME FORMAT allowed me to spend only $1,200 on a marketing mailer that generated more than $58,000 in ONE WEEK. Just follow the system, it works!

Business Cards on Steroids

Your business card is the easiest and cheapest form of advertising you have at your disposal right now and I can guarantee you your business card SUCKS! Think about it; how many do you pass out a day? A week? A month? And how much business has that got you? NADA! Zilch. Nothing. Well, I am going to show you how to CREATE A BUSINESS CARD SO POWERFUL and magnetic that even if you dropped it on the ground and someone found it a MONTH LATER, they would STILL CALL YOU, even if they never met you! (Use with caution… believe me, the amount of leads will blow you away). Oh, and to help you I am going to include 8 Business Cards on Steroids Templates that I drew up for clients over the past few years that put their prospecting and lead generation on “auto-pilot”. Let me put it this way… this business card is going to allow you to generate a massive amount of calls that will go through a filtering process so when it comes time for you to follow back up, you will KNOW if the person you are calling is a “Pretender” or a “Contender”. No more wasted time on blowhards and tire kickers and NO MORE COLD CALLING! Period.


The Work Has Already Been Done! Millions of $$$ In Proven Ad Copy Templates At Your Disposal…

Look, I could go on and on and on about how powerful this material is and how much money it will make you, but my results speak for themselves. I have negotiated and closed deals from $10K to more than $100 million in 30 different industries on 4 separate continents, consulted and trained more than two hundred of the FORTUNE 500, taught this System to tens of thousands of elite entrepreneurs all over the globe at my SOLD OUT EVENTS and written marketing pieces for myself that cost $1,200 to produce and send and generated $58,000 in revenue in one week! I am going to teach you EXACTLY how to do it and give you the templates in which to use and modify. How much more do you need? I am going to hand it all to you, in PDF download format. TODAY!

But I want to make it impossible for you to pass on this opportunity, and I am so cocky and confident that I PROMISE YOU: There’s No Risk To Be Ruthless! I am an established entrepreneur with a great track record. You can count on me! But just in case you’re worried, you can rest assured that you’re protected by my Ironclad Guarantee of Satisfaction. Here it is, in my own words:

My 30 Day Risk Free, 100% Money Back


I Challenge you testdrive my system for 30 Days and if you are not 100% satisfied and it’s not everything I said it was going to be, I will personally give you ALL of your money back, NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

Why would I do this? Simple, because it works! I have taught it to more than 200 of the FORTUNE 500 and thousands more at my sold out seminars around the world and have used it personally to close deals from $100 to more than $100 million… all starting with nothing more than a credit card. It works! I guarantee it! 


So, let's Recap the ARSENAL YOU will get to DOWNLOAD TODAY!

220+ Page E Book, The Ruthless Entrepreneur PLUS FREE BONUS, The Ruthless Marketing Templates, The FULL Marketing System fOr ONLY $37!


This is what the EXPERTS have to say about my system…
“Mark’s system is full of fast acting ideas and methods you can use to increase sales and profits… FAST!
Brian Tracy, NY Times #1Best Selling Business Author and one of the most sought after speakers in the word
“Mark has single handily produced and developed the marketing for my new show, Inside Sports UNLEASHED, set to shoot in Miami then air nationally. Furthermore, he helped locate an additional income stream for my radio show, Sean Salisbury UNLEASHED, that is going to triple revenues and listenership. Mark’s ideas truly are like no others.”
Sean Salisbury, Former NFL Quarterback and ESPN Analyst; Current host of Sean Salisbury UNFILTERED; New host of Inside Sports UNLEASHED
“Mark’s practical approach and powerful message, are a MUST READ for anyone wishing to achieve success in the sales profession
Nido Qubein, Chairman of the National Speakers Association Foundation and Business Life Magazine and One of the great inspirational minds of our time
My Last Words to YOU

Dear Fellow Entrepreneurs:

Congratulations for showing the guts it takes to learn a system that will change your entrepreneurial life forever.

You see, when it comes to REAL WORLD, in the trenches, entrepreneurial experience on what works, what doesn’t and why; I like to think I have no equals.

I have owned a minor league pro basketball team; numerous restaurants and nightclubs that I either started from scratch or turned around and sold for a profit; financed films and TV projects; raised debt and equity capital for deals ranging from $10K to over $100 million from the U.S. to Mombasa, Kenya and everywhere in between; I have successfully marketed and sold products and services for myself and partners on a global scale in the best and worst of economies and always made money; owned and flipped residential and commercial real estate properties in every market imaginable… produced over 30 television episodes, 3 infomercials and now I have a deal in the works from various networks for one of the TV shows I produced for a potential 6 episode pick-up.

The ability to do all of this in any economy and in any market and having the outside the box intelligence to implement it, has been my forte and the success and setbacks (we all fail now and then; it’s how we PERFECT IT the next time that counts!) I have endured ON THE STREET, that is what has set me apart from these so called “sales and marketing gurus” who talk and talk and talk but have never done anything in the real world. They TEACH because they cannot do! I have more experience in a two year period than most have over the course of their entire career, and it is this experience I am going to pass off to those that buy this amazing, income producing, life changing System. But even MORE than that, I am going to give you my Ad Copy Templates as a BONUS… information private clients paid have me up to $2,500 an hour to consult on and tens of thousands of seminar attendees paid anywhere from $300-$2,000 at my events!

Do you want information that works in the REAL WORLD? Look no further. The Ruthless Entrepreneur is the blueprint and formula you have been looking for to elevate yourself to a level your competition can only dream about, and I hope to hear YOUR SUCCESS STORY in the near future.


Mark McClure

The Ruthless Entrepreneur

PS: Don’t forget to ORDER NOW by clicking on this link


Don’t believe me, read below

“After seeing Mark LIVE in D.C. I put his system into action and immediately closed on a first round of funding of $300,000 and got a commitment for another $1 million the following week! His prospecting strategies got me in doors I NEVER thought were possible. Whatever the cost of his program? Pay it. You will NOT regret it.”


“I saw Mark’s event in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and I can tell you I was very apprehensive of American sales and marketing tactics. But after his seminar, I applied one of his publicity strategies and I was able to gain 3 new accounts in Bahrain and Qatar that added $3 million in gross revenue to my business. This would NOT have been accomplished without this technique. He is as good as everyone says he is!”

YASSAR MAHMOUD, Damman, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

“I own and operate a real estate office in Massachusetts and sent my entire team to see Mark live in Boston. Well, afterwards, they ALL bought his manual, applied it and we are now far and away the number one office in our town. One new agent sold 3 homes in his first 45 days, simply by generating the enormous amount of leads using just ONE of Mark’s prospecting techniques”

JOSE CHAVES, Boston, MA – MoneyOne Realty

Here’s A Snapshot At What You Will Uncover From My 20+ Years Of Selling From A “Street Smart” Perspective and The Foundation Of The Ruthless Entrepreneur System

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